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Web development, data science and marketing for ecommerce.

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We are

A team made of developers, data scientists and marketers. We spent our fair share of time doing consulting and working freelance before creating Aizca Software. This agency is our way of giving back and helping the ecommerce business owners.

We develop custom apps for our clients. We market and sell apps on the Shopify app store. We also do some e-shop consulting in some occasions.

We spend the greatest part of our time learning. What we learn can be found in our lines of code or in our free resources. You have access to every case study we have and all of our articles online. Feel free to have a look and click on what you need to know more about.

our mission

4 areas of focus


Our solutions are designed for ease of implementation. They work well, fast, and nicely.


We share everything we learn. This allows us to serve the community in a better way.


Every solution is unique. You can customize our apps all the way, to make them fit your needs.


We only work with GDPR-compliant third parties and companies. Your data is yours.