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Engaging with an audience is a key activity for every company. How your company does it depends a great deal on the size of the business and its industry. 

If you are a big company on a mass market, you are probably using TV. If you are a local SME you’d benefit from using radio ads. If you work in the software industry, you are using LinkedIn. If you work in retail, you probably have an Instagram account for your brand.

The are many possibilities to interact with your clients. It can bring in a lot of extra traffic and activity, or cost you a great deal of money. Let’s see how to make that possible.

Social Popup is available on Shopify. 

With the click of a button, install and customize the app to suit your needs. Select your preferred social network and launch it.

The app will generate a non-intrusive popup, to be shown to your site’s visitors. With only a single click, they will then be able to subscribe to your Instagram or YouTube feed, or like your Facebook page.

Once they have joined your audiences, you can interact with them for free, instead of paying for ads with the social networks you usually work with.

1. Social Media

Social Popup integrates 4 social networks :

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We recommend choosing two main networks to use with the app. Using two, rather than one, four or three seems congruent with the academic research on the science of choice.

Your online communities are made of the people who like your store, your products and/or your mission. They can be members of your Facebook group, followers of your Instagram or YouTube page. They can be members of your subreddit.


To me, the main benefit of the app is being able to create an online community, like building a Facebook page, for free and in a relatively very short time. In a few days/weeks, you get 500+ people thanks to the app. Also it's GDPR compliant, which is always a plus.



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2. Use Case for your store

Most online stores have a Facebook page. If it is not your case, you can create one if a few minutes:

If you want to go further with your branding, you can use other networks. The most commonly used are Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest. We might also speak of Reddit, other blogs and severak niche social networks, like LinkedIn, TikTok or Snapchat.


Inviting your clients and visitors to join your communities is a long and complex process. You have to create content, videos, pictures, and work on your indexing. Social Popup allows your online store visitors to like your page and subscribe to your accounts seamlessly. The app is free until 500 people see your popup every month. If you get more traffic than that, it’s $4,99 a month.

Your visitors don’t even need to go to your social network pages. But as soon as they join, you can contact them organically and increase engagement and loyalty.

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Engage with your visitors and allow them to join your online audiences. Work with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. Unlimited (in time) free plan.

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Take your online business to the next level with these 4 levers.

Boost traffic quality

Are the visitors who visit your store motivated and ready to convert? If the answer is yes, you have what we call “high quality” traffic. If that is not yet the case, here are some tips and apps to increase its quality.

Attract more visitors

Your store revenues are greatly dependent on the number of visitors. Increasing the number of people who go on your store at minimal cost is the name of the game.

Increase conversion rate

The conversion rate (CR) is the most important indicator of the quality of a shop. Usually between 2% and 5%, a tiny change has enormous impact on the rentability of your online business.

Augment average order value

Average Order Value is the total monetary value of all orders on a store, divided by the total number of orders. It is also the average cart price. Increasing it is one of the prime ways to increase your revenues.